About us

We say it publicly out loud and with great pride:
We Our People.


Ever since the beginning of our journey, our story has been about people.
From one, many followed.

As a professional quality-endorsed business group committed to sustainability with a solid corporate governance being setup, we value our peoples’ contributions and celebrate their successes and assist them in their shortcomings.

We rely on one simple test for greatness and that is how a company is experienced by its constituents: its customers, its associates, its owners, and business partners.

Most importantly, its people.

Improving people’s knowledge & experience is any organization’s duty and which is the purpose in us extending the learning skills online through our E|Learning initiative – Never Stop Learning.

"I really, truly believe in learning from other people's mistakes" - Mila Kunis

Our journey began with a customer need and about building a company that delivers on its promise and does so with a unique quality.

supernehmehWe stay focused on building a company on what we know and can do well.

We constantly engage all of our associates in building the business, from idea creation though delivery. Ideas don’t just come top-down; we’ve learned they also come bottoms-up and from every other direction as well. We work hard to ensure everyone in the company understands our values and feels that they own a piece of the action and are accountable for how the company performs.

Our ambition is to change how solutions are delivered, for the many benefits of everyone involved in the industrial sector.


Nehmeh is committed to equal opportunity employment, employing staff from more than 20 ethnic backgrounds regardless of gender.
Accordingly, we champion equal representation of women and are proud to have critical talent represented at all levels of the company, including management.

We also work with
UNGC Academy

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